Raine Diaz

Raine Diaz

Raine Diaz

Partner and COO

Bronx born and bred, Raine Diaz is simply fierce – her tenacity and strength definitely make you do a double take. With over four years in hospitality management and eight years of experience in facilities management, Raine, comes to Buzz Brand Group with the proven ability to lead.

As Partner and Chief Operating Officer at Buzz, Raine’s major focus areas are client relations and team productivity. Raine is in charge of ensuring that the Buzz clients are happy, their needs are being met and determining how the company can build a longstanding mutually beneficial relationship. She is also responsible for making sure that our team has the 3T’s (time, training and tools) to get their job done successfully. Family is of the utmost importance to Raine and she is a proud mother, wife, sister, daughter, cousin and auntie. She loves children and in her spare time she volunteers for the Girl Scouts of America.

5 Things I Don’t’ Leave Home Without

  1. My strawberry Chapstick
  2. My ID for fear of something happening and they can’t ID me
  3. My metro card in case I get stranded
  4. My Credit Card
  5. My Cell

5 Things That Make My Day Complete

  1. Kissing and hugging my Daughter
  2. Pray to God for something or someone at random
  3. Sneaking a Pepsi
  4. Looking at pics of my family at random…Memories
  5. Being nice to at least one stranger

My Style

I have no style. LOL I’m just different in a unique weird way. At any time I have a little of every style it depends on my mood. I will say my style is represented by my mood.


Drink – Pepsi/ Blue Hawaiian
Color – Pepsi Blue (royal Blue)
City – New York
Food – French toast
Hobby – trying to make others Happy
Sports Team – Dallas Cowboys.