Marisa King

Marisa King

Managing Partner and CEO

Quintessential New York City girl and serial entrepreneur since age 16; Marisa King was born and raised in the Greenwich Village. The daughter of a successful orthopedic surgeon father and nurse mother, has grown up with her finger on the pulse of the city. From consumer brands to politics from non-profits to lifestyle, sports and entertainment, Marisa’s experience in the marketing and public relations world is vast.

In 2003, with adequate experience under her belt and the determination to make it on her own, BUZZ was born. Marisa leverages her relationships throughout the industries to provide effective business solutions that enable clients to increase overall productivity and their brand presence on and offline through thoughtful strategy, brand development and publicity.

This woman has definitely taken her entrepreneurial talents to the next level with this company. She brings her extensive database of the “who’s who” throughout the country and the industries along with her marketing and leadership practices, in order to focus on business development and create the strategic partnerships necessary to bring the company and its ventures to the forefront of this extremely competitive industry.

Marisa is a mother of three; and taking after her father, the late Dr. Daniel W. King, Jr., still remains most proud of her family and cherishes the time she spends with them and her close friends.

5 Things I Don’t’ Leave Home Without

  1. My iPhones
  2. My wallet
  3. Lipgloss
  4. Pen & Paper
  5. Sanitizer/Hand Wipes… people are dirty! LOL

5 Things That Make My Day Complete

  1. My children
  2. My mom’s voice
  3. Food
  4. Making someone smile
  5. COFFEE!

My Style

Classic (took 3 quizzes, all the same answer…LOL)


Drink – 3 way tie – Coke, Coffee and Margaritas
Color – Another 3 way tie… Black, White and Grey
City – New York Baby!
Food – ALL OF IT… I’m a greedy beast.
Hobby – Eating (go figure!)
Sports Team – NY teams all day and then any team that a friend plays on…