Brand Innovation

Buzz Brand Group offers personal and corporate brand audits under their Brand Innovation division.

Do you feel like you have hit a ceiling in your professional or personal life and you can’t zero-in on a clear reason why? Similarly, for companies, are you not getting the market penetration you are looking for with one of your brands or your company’s brand overall? Most importantly, do you feel like there is untapped potential but you do not know how to harness and leverage it?

If you answered yes to any or all of those questions, you are in need of a brand audit.


A personal brand audit is a holistic assessment of your brand, where we place particular focus on truly understanding your brand identity and level of brand awareness is with your core demographic as well as your target demographic.

Buzz differentiates itself in the marketplace by offering a review of the your brand’s equity as well to truly evaluate and unlock strategic opportunities to accelerate brand penetration and drive results faster.

Finally, the audit begins with Buzz’s signature deep dive into the brand through a comprehensive one-on-one in person assessment where we combine our forensic interview with several of our proven tools — giving you a detailed view of your brand genome.

Once your personal brand audit is complete, you will receive a detailed strategic plan with action steps to release your brand’s potential. This process can be scaled up to fit individuals (executives, celebrities, athletes, etc.) as well as teams (corporate and athletic), corporate functions, or entire corporate entities. Ongoing coaching is available post your initial strategic plan review.


Buzz views the brand audit as the entry point to accelerating brand performance. However, for further acceleration, we offer our clients on-going coaching support programs. We partner with you and/or a company or athletic team’s key stakeholders and leaders to set, monitor, and continuously redefine key brand performance metrics to ensure you are garnering the brand growth you are seeking.

To bolster this success with our corporate clients in particular, we offer a “super” accelerated mind-body coaching experience. We augment our traditional business and behavioral coaching approaches with the Buzz  coaching method, which leverages experiential learning to drive mind-body connections. These mind-body experiences are hand-picked based on the specific needs of the individual/leader or team. A professional athlete works alongside your personal brand architect to truly create a set of mind-body experiences that takes the leader and/or the team outside of their comfort zones to drive home the change required to grow much faster. These experience are “ah-ha” inducing enough to propel new product innovation, super engagement, and personal and professional leadership step-change.

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