Marketing & PR

Buzz specializes in helping clients maximize their potential by allowing them to focus on their strengths and priorities while outsourcing their marketing.

We develop cost effective marketing programs that include traditional, non-traditional, and grass roots initiatives with a tactical approach customized to meet the objectives of our clients.


Full range of marketing services


We are able to help our clients increase sales through greater market reach and expansion into new markets, launch new products and product lines, maximize brand penetration through strong messaging, and implement marketing campaigns that broaden the potential customer base and establish corporate identity.


Creating an overall strategic plan for your marketing activities involves taking a “big picture” look at your company, your products or services and the market. This plan ensures that marketing activities throughout the year are aligned with your goals and that all tactics are implemented with the overarching goals in mind. A strategic marketing plan helps companies avoid the “decision on the fly” marketing that can often result in marketing money spent with little or no gain.


Our consultants will confer with you to help set goals and objectives, define desired outcomes and develop the most effective means of achieving the goals which make your company successful.


Buzz is experienced at incorporating social networking into marketing plans for real results. We begin by learning about the audience you currently have and the audience you want to target. A plan is developed to engage the targeted audience using communication skills combined with the available social media tools, such as video, blogging, micro-blogging (using tools like Facebook and Twitter) and audio (Pod-casts) or photo sharing.


At Buzz Brand Marketing we provide expertise in creative and strategic direction, innovative design, and motivational live program development.  We are well regarded for our immersive environment sensibilities and affinity for creating and activating authentic brand identities.


Buzz media relations teams have cultivated professional relationships with journalists, bloggers, influencers, and publishers over the years. When we call or email on behalf of a client, our inquiries get answered more often than not because we don’t spam every journalist in your space. Instead, we get to know them so we know what stories they are or aren’t interested in covering, then match up your news with their publishing needs to earn home runs that benefit you and the media.

Media relations capabilities include:

  • Identifying target media and bloggers
  • Creative, thought-provoking proactive storyline development
  • Media training
  • Aggressive news pitching
  • Rapid reaction news pitching
  • Scheduling and facilitating media interviews
  • Executive, company and product press tours
  • Scheduling on-the-floor tradeshow briefings with journalists
  • Coordinating launch events for the media
  • Media coverage scanning and measurement


We have simply LOVE company introductions and new product launch programs from the time we launched Buzz, and we’ve extended that experience to our clients. If there’s one thing we’ve learned is that if you don’t do it right, you might as well not do it at all.

Here’s what Buzz does to make sure we launch you right:

  • Know the audience and what’s going to get them excited
  • Research everything from potentially conflicting announcements, trends to capitalize on, hot venues that will create the biggest buzz
  • Develop clear, concise messaging
  • Media and message train company spokespeople
  • Create an integrated social media program
  • Go guerilla when it makes sense to do so
  • Don’t let up on outreach, even when we’ve reached our objectives
  • Find ways to extend the launch beyond initial coverage


The media love a crisis. It has all the components of a good news story: suspense, uncertainty and sometimes danger. As powerful an ally the media can be in the promotion of your business, it can be equally or more damaging when events turn against you. Crisis situations require an entirely different, proactive and attentive approach to audience relations. Often, a crisis can be averted by simply having a communications firm monitoring audiences for early signs of trouble. Subtle changes in messaging might be all that’s required to avert a problem in those circumstances. But when unforeseen events threaten your brand’s hard-won reputation or even its very existence, having Buzz in your corner can make all the difference.

Buzz’s crisis communications capabilities include:

  • Broadcast and print media training
  • Onsite support (if needed)
  • Media remarks and Q&A drafts for public dissemination
  • Intra-company communications
  • Partner, prospect and customer communications
  • Proactive crisis communications plan development