Denrick Romain

Denrick Romain

Denrick Romain

SVP, Sports Marketing & PR

As Senior Vice-President of Sports Marketing & PR at Buzz Brand Group, Denrick Romain brings his years of experience within the entertainment and public relations industries and an extensive rolodex to the Buzz Brand, enabling him to unlock our sports clients’ potential and increase their opportunities.

Born and raised in New York City, Denrick brings a different edge to PR. His aggressive, yet subtle approach, has always garnered fabulous results in getting clients in the news, in front of the cameras, and new business opportunities. Denrick’s clients have been featured on SportsCenter, in ESPN Magazine and on Entertainment Tonight, to name a few.

With his contacts in the entertainment industry and knack for marketing, Denrick strategically places his clients with top-notch media and celebrities, from mainstream publications to red carpet event attendance and much more.

Denrick’s client experience over the years includes working with leading talents such as Derrick Ward (NFL), Larry Johnson (NFL), Jon Vilma (NFL), Chris Webber (NBA), Ron Artest (NBA), Will Castro (Unique Auto Sports), Damian & Julian Marley (Musicians) and so many others.

Denrick studied Marketing at Manhattan College in Riverdale, NY, as well as Baruch College in Manhattan; and still resides in New York City.

5 Things I Don’t’ Leave Home Without

  1. HuMu Wallet
  2. iPhone
  3. BlackBerry
  4. $20 Cash
  5. Cologne Sample

5 Things That Make My Day Complete

  1. Working out for an hour (Calisthenics)
  2. Drinking my shake
  3. Answering all work e-mails
  4. Completing my “To Do” list for the day
  5. Eating at least 3 times a day

My Style

Stylish urban contemporary.


Drink – Poland Spring Water, Smart Water, & Vitamin Water (Formula 50)
Color – Blue
City – NYC
Food – Chinese, Japanese, Caribbean, Italian, & Thai
Hobby – Baseball Cards & collecting every state’s official .25 cent quarter
Sports Team – NY Mets & NY Giants