Nicole Stoll

Nicole Stoll

Nicole Stoll

EVP, Managing Partner - Atlanta

Nicole Stoll, has over two decades of marketing experience spanning from music video production to fashion shows, festivals to conferences. Nicole specializes in small business development and brand management.

Having worked with some of the biggest brands in the entertainment industry, Nicole Stoll, New York’s premier brand elevator, now lends her expertise to brands on the rise. Through brand development, content creation and event production, she supports small businesses through all stages of their expansion, preparing them to dominate the global marketplace.

In her early career, Nicole gained acclaim as a writer and producer for television, film and music video projects working with Bad Boy Entertainment, Elle Online, NBC, the WWF and other well-known entertainment brands. She later transitioned to a career in the events management industry, lending her vision and talent to tastemakers and influences such as Daymond John, community organizations and numerous high profile events such as the Tribeca Film Festival and Black Girls Rock.

Today, Nicole leverages her expertise gleaned from the entertainment and events industries to develop strategy and provide developmental directives for small businesses and newly launched brands. She guides each client through the processes of examination, direction, creation and execution in order to increase influence and awareness, showcase industry leadership and exceed revenue goals.

An expert content creator, Nicole develops and curates compelling content tailored to the needs, interests and habits of her clients’ target consumers. By keeping her finger on the pulse of industry-related news and marketing trends, she expertly positions her clients as influencers in their industries and communities, helping them to increase their impact both online and offline.

In addition to her brand development and content creation work, Nicole continues to offer clients event development, production and execution services. From large-scale events with more than 25,000 attendees to industry elite-only affairs, Nicole is dedicated to creating a stellar experience for guests and extraordinary results for the small businesses and developing brands that she serves.

5 Things I Don’t’ Leave Home Without

  1. Keys
  2. Phone
  3. Cash
  4. Credit Card
  5. MetroCard

5 Things That Make My Day Complete

  1. Warm Shower
  2. Call with a friend
  3. Cup of tea
  4. Fresh manicure/pedicure
  5. Cupcake

My Style



Drink – Cup of Tea / Glass of Wine
Color – Blue
City – New York City
Food – Salmon
Hobby – Shopping…LOL
Sports Team – …