Chevonne Robinson

Chevonne Robinson

Chevonne Robinson


Chevonne Robinson is a witty New York City girl with a world of experiences. Her background and experiences serves as the perfect balance within this industry.

With a degree in political science, an affinity for PR & Marketing, TV production and a love for travel, photography and all things creative; Chevonne is the quintessential “Jackie of all trades”. She’s sums it up as just this, “I’m not afraid to learn and explore new things in life”. This make Chevonne quite the asset to the Buzz Brand Marketing team.

5 Things I Don’t’ Leave Home Without

  1. A notebook and pen
  2. My iPhone and headphones (camera and GPS open at all times)
  3. My Business cards
  4. Lip gloss/Lipstick
  5. A good book

5 Things That Make My Day Complete

  1. Waking up
  2. My daily positive affirmation
  3. A home cooked meal
  4. A phone call with a love one
  5. A good laugh/ A smile

My Style

I am a Chameleon, I wear what I am felling at the moment. I can go from office sophisticated to edgy to vintage/boho chic all in the same day.


Drink – Harmless Harvest Coconut Water
Color – Turquoise
City – New York City, of course!
Food – Crab Legs/Crab cakes/ Crab fried Crab/ Crab Kabobs… (In Bubba Gump’s voice)
Hobby – Photography and Creative Design
Sports Team – They’re all cool with me!